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ADRA Australia

   Donations to this organisation are tax deductible  This organisation accepts volunteer labour

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia

Who are we?

ADRA Australia is a Christian, humanitarian agency that creates opportunities, empowers people and shares hope with those in poverty or crises in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa.

Where We've Helped

ADRA Australia is part of the global ADRA network headed by ADRA International. ADRA is the official humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

ADRA’s regional headquarters is the ADRA South Pacific office. Country offices included in this region are the donor offices of ADRA Australia and ADRA New Zealand and the implementing offices of ADRA Papua New Guinea, ADRA Fiji, ADRA Solomon Islands and ADRA Vanuatu. Each office is governed by a local board of management.

ADRA Australia is fully accredited by AusAID (the Australian Government’s aid agency) and is a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct which defines standards of best practice for Australian non-government development organisations. ADRA Australia, as a signatory, is committed to conduct its activities with integrity, transparency and accountability.

What we do

ADRA Australia gives individuals and communities a hand-up out of poverty through development projects that address underlying causes of poverty. ADRA also provides disaster relief during times of emergency.

ADRA Australia does not discriminate in provision of its services. ADRA provides humanitarian aid to people in need without preference for or discrimination against ethnicity, or religious or political affiliation.

How we work

Internationally, ADRA Australia partners with other ADRA country offices, governments as well as other agencies and organisations to facilitate positive change and provide opportunities for people in poverty to become more self-reliant in their communities.

Domestically, ADRA Australia partners with governments, councils and other agencies and churches to provide a range of services to help those in poverty or crises.

In Australia,
ADRA Australia works across all states and territories to provide or support a range of services for those in need.
• Women's Refuges
• At-risk Youth Projects
• Refugee Assistance Projects
• School-based Resilience Project
• Transition Services (helping to transition people out of dependence on material welfare)
• Emergency Preparedness and Management
• ADRA Centres (provide a range of services to the disadvantaged)
• ADRA Op shops

Across the country, ADRA Australia’s National Program is generously supported by skilled and passionate volunteers.

ADRA Australia funds development projects in the Pacific, Asia and Africa, that accomplish the following:
• Food Security. Empowering communities to have year around access to sufficient and nutritious food.
• Civil Society Strengthening. Strengthening community resilience, teaching skills for conflict resolution, governance, resource management and human rights enforcement.
• Health. Saving lives by educating about disease prevention and improving water supplies, sanitation and hygiene in communities.
• Education. Giving people new social and employment skills by providing literacy and numeracy education.
• Economic Development. Helping people become financially self-sufficient by providing income generation and vocational skills-training as well as micro-finance loans to nurture small family enterprises.
• Emergency Preparedness and Management. Providing disaster preparedness and response training to local volunteers and international partner offices and supplying immediate assistance, like shelter, food or household supplies, to those affected by natural and human-caused disasters.

How can you be part of ADRA’s work?

• Give a financial gift.
• Purchase an Unforgettable Gift from ADRA’s Grant a Wish Gift Catalogue for a birthday, wedding or Christmas to grant a wish for those in poverty.
• Get Involved by joining an event listed on ADRA’s website.
• Fundraise by holding a special event for ADRA.
• Volunteer at your local ADRA Op Shop or ADRA Centre.
• Keep Informed by signing up for ADRA’s e-updates or our quarterly newsletter, ADRAnews.
• Pray for justice for the less fortunate, for generosity and humility of the developed world and for ADRA Australia’s ministry.

ADRA Australia
146 Fox Valley Road (PO Box 129)
Wahroonga, NSW  2076
Ph: 02 9489 5488
Fax: 02 9489 7790
Web: http://www.adra.org.au
Email: adra.info@adra.org.au

ABN: 85 109 435 618       DGR: 1 July 2000

Donations to this organisation are tax deductible   Donations to this organisation over $2.00 are tax deductible. *
This organisation accepts volunteer labour  Volunteering:
Phone 1800 242 372 for details
Email this address adra.info@adra.org.au listing your contact
details and how you might be able to help.

* Checking your organisations tax deductibility status
Although every effort is made to ensure that organisations provide correct information, to be absolutely sure of the tax deductibility status of an organisation you should check with the Australian Business Register.

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