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Animal Liberation (N.S.W.)

Animal Liberation was founded in 1976 to work toward stopping the suffering of animals - and in particular farm animals.

Animal Liberation focuses primarily on farm animals and in particular those animals kept in intensive husbandry systems.

Current campaigns:

* Battery Hen Cages - to ban the cruel practice of caged egg laying hens, a system that requires bird to be mutilated (debeaking) to "fit the system." Birds have less room than an A4 sheet of paper and are denied most of their behavioural needs. *Overseas, the European Union will phase out the cage by 2012 and Switzerland has banned it altogether.

* Sow stalls - female pigs are kept in tiny stalls and endure continuous pregnancies. Their stalls are so narrow they cannot turn around. She spends her days biting and sucking the bars in a frenzy of boredom and misery. *In the UK sow stalls are banned altogether.

* Cattle feedlots - cattle are held on bleak, treeless areas of land an fed grain to bring about rapid growth. Many animals suffer bloat and other diseases because of this unnatural diet. On 3 known occasions as many as 12,000 cattle in one weekend have died of heat stroke.

* Meat (broiler)chickens are reared in huge automated sheds. By selective breeding and the use of antibiotics they are forced to reach slaughter weight in just 35-40 days. Their flesh is obese but their skeletal system is juvenile. They suffer the afflictions of old age yet they are still baby birds. *Video evidence of these birds has been documented and presented to Government.

* Live transort of animals - currently 6 million sheep are shipped to the Middle East and South East Asia in miserable conditions each year. In 2003, 73,700 died of sickness and streess dduring a 3 week journey. On arrival those surviving are killed or trucked vast distances without food and water and their throats are cut with no pre-stunning.

Animal Liberation is also campaigning against the use of animals for so-called entertainment - rodeos and circuses; to stop hunting; vivisection and the use of animals by the fur industry.

Animal Liberation promotes the health and environmental benefits of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Animal Liberation receives no government funding and is dependant on donations from the public.

Animal Liberation (N.S.W.)
Suite 506/89 York Street
Sydney, NSW  2000
Ph: (02) 9262 3221
Fax: (02) 9262 6336
Web: http://www.animal-lib.org.au
Email: sydneyhq@animal-lib.org.au

ABN: 66 002 228 328       DGR: Not supplied

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