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Balunu Foundation Ltd

   Donations to this organisation are tax deductible  This organisation accepts volunteer labour

The name Balunu comes from the Luritja language of Central Australia . <br>The word Balunu means creation and this is what we are about: the <br>creation of strong youth, strong culture, strong leaders, for a strong <br>future by breaking negative cycles and creating positive ones. Our <br>youth can no longer wait! The time has come to nurture, to love and to <br>offer spiritual healing to guide them on their journey toward harmony <br>and balance. <br> <br>The Balunu Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organisation <br>focused on the healing of Indigenous youth and people and is based in <br>Darwin, Northern Territory. In particular, Balunu seeks to instill a <br>cultural identity among Indigenous youth at risk through a culturally <br>appropriate healing program which builds self belief and self esteem <br>whilst assisting Indigenous youth to overcome the wide range of <br>challenges they face as young Indigenous people in today’s society. <br> <br>We currently operate a nine day healing camp and accommodate ten <br>participants per camp program. Balunu is focused on addressing the <br>social challenges faced by Indigenous people and youth through a <br>holistic healing approach. Although the program is Indigenous specific <br>the program has achieved great success with non Indigenous youth who <br>have attended the program. <br> <br>The loss of cultural identity, language barriers, war trauma, family <br>breakdown and destruction of traditional ways have resulted in the <br>many various forms of social suffering we face today. All this <br>combined with the various forms of substance abuse has lead to the <br>detriment of our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. <br> <br>With all the health problems we face, Indigenous people are <br>at extreme risk and none so greater than our youth and children. If <br>we are to have a future we must act immediately to alleviate the <br>distress and anguish of our youth, there must be greater action and <br>less talk, our youth and our people can no longer wait. <br> <br>Through a deliberate and purposeful program Balunu aims to provide <br>hope for Indigenous youth and families by breaking the cycle of disadvantage <br>through good health, education, life skills, opportunity, training, employment <br>and most importantly healing. Identity plays the most crucial factor in <br>strengthening the youth’s sense of self and the healing allows for <br>the individuals to free their pain enough to take advantage of opportunity <br>that exists to move forward in the new world, whilst maintaining a strong connection <br>to culture and identity. Our vision is to break the negative cycles which <br>exist and create positive cycles of empowerment for Indigenous youth, <br>people, families and the generations to come. <br> <br>This journey is one of healing. United we must walk together to end <br>the suffering and create a better future for all. There should be no guilt, <br>shame or blame placed upon non Indigenous Australians for the past <br>injustices that have lead to the suffering we face today. <br> <br>We all own the now and it is our collective actions today <br>which will determine our tomorrow. This journey belongs to us all <br>and we welcome you to walk with us towards a better future <br>for Indigenous Australians and all Australians alike.

Balunu Foundation Ltd
6/18 Caryota Court
Coconut Grove, NT  0810
Ph: 08 89854400
Fax: 08 89481695
Web: http://www.balunu.org.au
Email: balunufoundation@gmail.com

ABN: 23 122 954 698       DGR: Not supplied

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This organisation accepts volunteer labour  Volunteering:
Phone 08 89854400 for details
Email this address balunufoundation@gmail.com listing your contact
details and how you might be able to help.

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