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Walk With Wings

 This organisation accepts volunteer labour

Harri’s Walk With Wings was established in honour of baby Harrison Robert Ray Norris who died suddenly in 2013 at the age of 8 weeks and 5 days.

Harrison ( Harri ) left behind two brothers and one sister who were in need of emotional support.

Children suffer the grieving process at times alone and silently as they watch their parents / caregivers and family members grieve.

Walk With Wings was founded on the awareness that children who have suffered the loss of a loved one require someone outside of the family to ‘ walk‘ with them on their journey of grief .

Walk With Wings provides a network of support for these children. Grieving children who can support each other, empower and understand each other and assist each other in finding their wings of hope, dreams and future joy.

Walk With Wing's Services....

Angel Care Sound and Movement Mats

We are providing Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitors, provide training on all aspects of their monitors and teach parents CRP and what to do in case of an emergency.
We will be hiring these monitors out to parents who have a baby born before 37 weeks gestation free of charge for up to 3 months once the baby is discharged from hospital. We will come to your house set the monitor up and teach you how to use the unit and ensure the monitor is working with our special baby doll George and will demonstrate what will happen if your baby stops breathing (Dont worry George is a doll designed to use to demonstrate this monitor) and what to do if it does happen.
If you have any further questions or would like to hire a monitor please feel free to message us for further details.

Our Mission...

Our mission of ‘Walk With Wings ‘ is to provide compassionate grief counselling and group support for children between the ages of 5 & 18 years of age who have suffered and experienced the death of a loved one . To inspire hope , dreams and future joy.

Our vision is for every child who has experienced the death of a loved one be able to live a life of fullness. We will ‘ Walk ‘ with them on their journey of grief and provide positive emotional support, caring and understanding.

"Walk With Me" Pilot Program

Walk With Me will run a 10 week program every Thursday night from 4pm - 7pm while focusing on dealing with grief and ways to cope with the death of a loved one.

Walk With Me will help assist children who have experienced the death of a loved one learn how to understand and cope with the emotions in which they are feeling, by group work with children who have also experienced the death of a loved one where they will be able to share their stories, create their own memory box to keep, plant a memory tree and remember their loved one together. Walk With Me will also provide parents with education packs on how to help their child grieve.

Walk With Me will teach children to positively cope with the stages of grief, help guide the
children through heart ache and stress, while implement coping strategies for life events.

If you are interested in further information or feel our program would benefit your child and are interested in joining "Walk With Me" program please contact us

Walk With Wings
12 Mitchell st Paralowie
Adelaide, SA  5108
Ph: 0415041844
Web: http://www.walkwithwings.com.au
Email: kerry@walkwithwings.info

ABN: 74 307 628 702       DGR: Not supplied

This organisation accepts volunteer labour  Volunteering:
Email this address james@walkwithwings.info listing your contact
details and how you might be able to help.

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