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Here's how to check if a donation made to an organisation listed on donations.com.au is tax deductible.

Tax deductibility symbol

You can see from the tax deductibility status appearing next to the organisation (Donations to this organisation are tax deductible) whether your donation is tax deductible. If your donation is tax deductible, you can use the amount that you have donated as a reduction in your taxable income which you need to pay tax on. The more that you donate - the more that you help others - the bigger the deduction that you receive. The donation is deductible in the financial year in which you make it - and the entry appearing on your credit card statement provides proof of the donation for the Taxation Office. Please check with your professional advisor on your particular circumstances.

Checking your organisations tax deductibility status

Checking your organisations tax deductibility status
Although every effort is made to ensure that organisations provide correct information, to be absolutely sure of the tax deductibility status of an organisation you should check with the Australian Business Register.

Obtaining a receipt

Your donation is receipted in two ways - firstly upon completion of your donation, you will be provided with a confirmation of your donation including date/time/amount/transaction number - you should print this page as soon as it is displayed and retain for your taxation records.
Secondly when you receive your next credit card statement - an entry will appear showing the amount of your donation. Keep this statement as your record for taxation purposes. If you need a further copy at a later date - you will need to ask your credit card provider to give you another copy - they may ask you to pay for this additional copy.


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