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Using donations.com.au is easy! Here are some simple instructions to help you get around the site. The top menu (above) contains the major sections of donations.com.au. The left menu (on the left) contains information relevant to each major section.

Finding organisations

Use the search function to find a specific not for profit organisation of your choice. If you are not sure of the name, you can search by various cause or event or categories. Click Find Cause/Organisation on the top menu to search now.

Making a Donation

You can make a donation at this site in one of four ways, depending upon the arrangements the particular organisation has established.

Simply select the organisation that you wish to support, select the amount, complete your details and donate. It couldn't be easier. You will be able to print a receipt and the donation will appear on your next credit card statement.

- If you see this symbol, it means you can donate to this organisations online at this web site.

By Phone:
An automated touch tone phone system will accept donations in realtime from March 31 2001.

- If you see this symbol, it means you can donate by phone to the selected organisation through the automated phone system.

Registering with donations.com.au

Both organisations and individual donors are able to register with donations.com.au. Organisations can register to obtain a free listing, which allows them to provide information to people interested in making a donation. Individual donors can register, if you would like to receive information from various organisations or information about events/causes which happen from time to time. For more information about registering, click Register on the top menu.


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